Alexander Industries Named Agent For Clow/Greenberg

—Free Brochure Available Alexander Industries, Inc. of New Orleans and Houston, a specialist in supplying the marine and offshore industries, has been appointed Gulf Coast agent for Clow/Greenberg bronze marine valves and fittings. According to Alexander vice president Jim Bishop, the Clow/Greenberg line is backed by more than 125 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

These bronze valves, which are manufactured to various specifications including globe, angle, check, gate, and hose valves; Macomb strainers; voice tube fittings; fueling spools; flanges; and handwheels and hub blanks.

With their diversity and flexibility, Greenberg valves may be used in shipboard air, steam, oil, or water lines. All Clow/Greenberg valves meet or exceed military and commercial requirements for marine valves. In addition, they can be manufactured to individual customer specifications.

For further information and literature on Clow/Greenberg valves and fittings,

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