API Annual Tanker Conference To Be Held At Tarpon Springs Oct. 1-4

Tanker s a f e t y and pollution prevention will be the main topics of discussion at the American Petroleum Institute's annual tanker conference, October 1-4 at Innisbrook, Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Among the speakers will be M.P. Holdsworth, Shell International Petroleum Co., Ltd., London, England, and Rear Adm.

W.M. Benkert, USCG (ret.), who will discuss the international agreements on tankers and crew standards reached earlier this year at conferences in London, sponsored by agencies of the United Nations.

Also to be discussed is the U.S. Coast Guard program for inspection of ships entering U.S. harbors. The speaker will be Capt.

John E. DeCarteret of the Coast Guard.

Other topics include retrofitting of inert gas systems on tankers, anticipated requirements for collision avoidance systems, carriage of liquefied natural gas, a report on the tanker activities in the Alaskan port of Valdez, shallow draft maneuvering of large tankers, use of dispersants, major oil spills, and possible solutions for vapor emissions problems.

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